Start your evolving and ongoing yoga education with our contemporary methodology.


Our 250-hour Teacher Training Course is for future thinking yoga practitioners who want the opportunity to embrace a more authentic and creative approach to teaching yoga. We believe in a pioneering approach to yoga that celebrates individuals for their diverse needs and abilities. Unlike some trainings that teach you one particular brand or style, the Contemporary School of Yoga both encourages and inspires you to explore and embrace multiple approaches to help better understand why you are teaching what you are teaching, to whom you are teaching. In other words;


In order to achieve this, we take you on a journey from the traditions and philosophy of yoga towards a transformational personal inquiry of your own. We help you to explore anatomy (both physical, and energetic) in your own unique body, encouraging you to share your experience with others to embrace the full spectrum of diversity that makes us human beings.

  • Yoga can be so much more life changing than making precise shapes on a mat.
  • Yoga is about living. Yes, it includes a physical practice, but the real magic happens off the mat.
  • Yoga can be a career, but you can also incorporate yoga teachings in any profession, or blend its lessons with other life skills and passions.
  • Yoga should be fun! It’s odd when we hear that some yoga teacher trainings can be so serious and leave students feeling not enough. We want you to embrace what makes you unique and allow your authentic teacher to shine.

Our new and improved hybrid + in person online 250hr teacher training starting soon.

Our school blends perfectly the highest standards of online education and essential in person practical applications of teaching yoga in a classroom setting.

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge shift from yoga classes being taught in studios and halls, to streaming classes from home. As a present-day yoga teacher, we believe you need the skills and confidence to do both. Helping you to explore the right environment and platform for your success.

Your course tutor Richard George (teaching yoga for over 15 years) has run multiple in person yoga teacher trainings, and has also been exploring and fine tuning the online learning experience. Now we are bringing these together to create the most efficient and effective combination, as we know students crave hands on learning with the leisure and convenience of at-home study. In this course you now get the benefits of both!

We believe that yoga is an ongoing journey and your first 250 hours should leave you feeling confident and equipped to teach a wide variety of styles to a diverse range of body types and abilities, setting you on your pathway to create your own unique approach.

Throughout your training we offer unique mentoring, group inquiry, support and education, which has a great emphasis on providing you with practical teaching experiences and the skills to teach both online and in person classes.

This is the perfect foundation Teacher Training for anyone wishing to start on their journey as a yoga teacher, or can also serve as an additional training to those who have already completed a 200hr teacher training but feel that they require greater knowledge and confidence to become an amazing yoga facilitator.


  • We don’t teach you one set sequence for you to mimic afterwards – we provide you with lots of variables.
  • We encourage individuality and creativity and show you techniques to help you feel confident in bringing your own style to your classes.
  • We use props – lots of them – so that you feel both comfortable and confident in utilising them and teaching creatively with them.
  • We address yoga as a tool for healing and transformation, respecting how practice makes us feel on the inside rather than what poses look like on the outside.
  • We acknowledge your need for an intensive experience, but also balance this with a more spacious learning experience afterwards, giving you plenty of time to properly digest and embody information.
  • After the course we continue our relationship with you and provide ongoing support, group coaching, additional training, and individual mentorship.


  • We aim to be inclusive and help to make everybody feel welcome
  • Our training encourages all applicants, regardless of gender, age, race, body shape, physical ability, sexuality
  • You don’t need to be a gymnast to enjoy the benefits of yoga, but approximately 2 years of regular practice is advisable.
  • Most applicants feel nervous about teaching yoga or standing up in front of a group. The course is designed to slowly help you build your confidence, giving you multiple opportunities to discuss yoga with your peers and teach in small groups, to help you keep your cool as a teacher.
  • If you have concerns about your age, physical ability or not looking like a yoga teacher (whatever that means?) These thoughts and feelings are frequent and valid, yoga is a huge arena and it needs teachers from all walks of life to reach a wider audience with which real people can relate.
  • All you need is a love of yoga and the desire to know more.

Everyone has their own unique skills – our training is designed to help you uncover those and to set you on the road of inquiry. Don’t worry you don’t have to know everything there is to know about yoga at the end of the course – we will still be here afterwards and offer ongoing supervision to ensure a sustainable future both for you as a teacher and for your student’s welfare and wellbeing.

If you have any doubts – please talk to Richard, he’s always happy to chat things through. This is why we have also included our Roots of Yoga – pre foundation course, so that we can help you to make the right choice for you.

Here at Contemporary School of Yoga, we love learning and never stop questioning and sharing new ideas and discoveries.