How experienced do I need to be at yoga?

Our mission for CSY Teacher Training program is to set a higher standard of teaching from our graduates. Although a large portion of the course will be aimed at deepening your understanding of the practice of yoga, we do require that you have a sufficient level of asana practice prior to the course. You should have a minimum of 2 years consistent practice (this could be attending classes, self practice or a combination of both). The main emphasis of our training course is to introduce you to the depths of yoga and to give you a whole range of teaching tools to make you one of the new pioneers of yoga teaching.

Being a yoga teacher doesn’t mean that you can do difficult postures, it means you have excellent teaching, communication skills and compassion. Our graduates are able to create powerful sequences and weave yogic philosophy into yoga asana classes. Being a yoga teacher means that you have a thirst for knowledge of how bodies and minds work, and are willing to be open minded to ask questions to tradition if it means your students safety is at threat. Enthusiasm and passion for yoga is more important to us than if you are fluent in Sanskrit and able to practice “difficult” yoga postures.

Our ROOTS OF YOGA pre foundation course is a requirement of our 250hr Teacher Training, this is so that you can feel confident that our training is for you. We only accept a limited amount of students each intake, and we want it to be a good match. This is why our foundation training is at such a reduced rate. Plus our Roots of yoga graduates get £500 reduction in tuition fees! 

Any life changing experience requires an energetic investment and a commitment of our resources; physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and requires time. Students should recognise that the course will sometimes be demanding, both on weekends and in between. To complete the course you will require significant dedication, focus and effort. Students applying should therefore ensure that they have enough personal support and time to commit to the course fully. We also connect you with one of our graduates, who will be happy to reassure you, as they know exactly what you are going through. You will also have 2x 1:1 coaching sessions with Richard, your course tutor.


How to Apply?

There is no formal application for our online foundation course, you can book and start studying at a convenient time that suits your schedule.

Once you have successfully completed and submitted your homework for Roots of Yoga, we will keep a record of this and provide you with a certificate if requested. There is no commitment to complete the teacher training program, and we offer additional courses which can be taken for personal development and growth.

Our 250-hour Teacher Training is limited to a maximum of 12 students in order to provide the highest standard of training and individual attention.

Please contact Richard: to express your interest.

A £500 deposit will be required to guarantee your place on the training, and full payment is needed before the training begins.