This group provides a safe space for yoga teachers and movement educators to feel comfortable asking questions and evaluating how they teach in order to grow. We support individuals who crave ongoing personal transformation and professional training.

This global shift we are witnessing means that as yoga teachers we are being asked to think outside the box, off the mat and outside of studios – and if you’ve been feeling confused or know that there’s more wisdom to be awakened within – then this course directs you into exciting new territory. 

Our ultimate dream is to provide affordable, ongoing education. We provide a supportive platform to help you share your offerings within a non-competitive community of like-minded networking pioneers. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a movement educator, or someone passionate about spiritual and personal growth who has something more to bring to your current field of expertise.

The course helps you to continue you’re own personal development and share this gift of transformation with the world around you. Being a part of Contemporary School of Yoga (CSY) means that you inspire positive change by living and experiencing the teachings. 

Now is the time to take your teaching to the next level.

  • Deepen your expertise in anatomy, creative sequencing and understanding of the human body and mind
  • Learn how to weave ancient spiritual philosophy into classes through personal understanding and experience
  • Teach from your truth rather than someone elses expereience
  • Teach and learn at the same time
  • Study and share at your own pace
  • Belong to a supportive community of teachers of all levels of expertise
  • Sit as equals, whilst acknowledging your unique strengths

We believe that we can allow you to feel comfortable not knowing everything but still feeling inspired with new ideas and motivated to keep your classes fresh and life changing for your students. After all we know that yoga education is about updating content with new scientific information and providing the tools to adapt to the current challenges we are faced with.

What to expect

As part of our CSY Circle of Teachers you will be guided through different areas of personal observation and evaluation.  Enabling you to question what you have been previously taught about the body and the mind and make conclusions based upon your own unique experience. Leaving you feeling confident and up to date with what you are teaching. Think of it like an upgrade.

You will feel more knowledgeable in current approaches to anatomy and movement and confident in discussing spiritual philosophy and making it relevant to your students.