Online Courses

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CSY offers 4 Online Foundation Courses that are the perfect way to start your journey of further yoga training. Whether you’ve done two yoga classes or five years, they’re all perfect for your personal and professional growth.

CSY YOGA – Roots of Yoga addresses all the basics of yoga, including an introduction to yoga philosophy, pose names, safe practice, alignment, breathing practices and meditation.

CSY ANATOMY – The Moving Body takes you through a journey of your body learning about anatomy and experiencing the many ways in which your body is designed to move

CSY ENERGY – Subtle Body Awareness guides you through an inner journey to explore the invisible anatomy of the body, including prana, nadis and the chakras.

CSY SHAMANISM – Seeing the Unseen takes you on a journey of discovery to the realms of awareness, consciousness and intuition. Here we look at ancient spiritual techniques rooted in Shamanism and Yoga.

You will receive a certificate at the completion of each training.

ROOTS OF YOGA is a requirement of our 250hr Teacher Training Certificate.