We are pleased to welcome all students who successfully complete THE BRIDGE to step into THE CIRCLE.

THE CIRCLE is for yoga teachers and movement educators who feel comfortable questioning and evaluating what and how they teach. We want to encourage those who crave ongoing personal training and transformation.

THE CIRCLE takes on the same interactive learning format as THE BRIDGE but this time you are strongly encouraged to explore your own area of expertise or interest and write your own module to share with the rest of the CSY community.

Support for this will be given from Richard through the year – Guiding you through the creative process of your online module for the circle.

The aim of this is to help you to feel confident to start creating your own content for online modules with the goal of running and charging others for an online course in the future.

In addition to this you will continue to have access to all modules of THE BRIDGE.

The year will consist of at least 12 modules which will be chosen by members of THE CIRCLE.

Richard George will also be available to teach additional requested modules on relevant requested topics.

In this unique approach to ongoing education:


CSY believe that teaching is about a relationship between those who want to learn and those that have the wisdom to share.


At the end of each year you will have a deeper knowledge of:

  • Presenting online content to a group
  • Each of the module topics chosen and presented

As part of your membership you are encouraged to provide us with information and graphics to share and promote your classes/ workshops and events via CSY Social media. CSY aims to create a non-competitive platform in which we can grow, share and support each member. Details of where to send this to will be provided when registering.

There will also be a Facebook group to encourage online social community learning and sharing.