When instead you can be UNIQUE! Only you can be you, so why not embrace the things that make you different and allow your authenticity to shine.

Through yoga and shamanic wisdom, fun, laughter and learning, we awaken the spirit in our students. We help real people connect back to nature, and to their own true nature, one of connection, authenticity, creativity and care. We offer education and support, share our knowledge and listen to your needs.

We aim to ensure that the student in us gets deeply nourished and the teacher in us gets acknowledged and is allowed to shine.


Yoga is an ongoing journey – the most challenging part is to start. If you’ve taken a yoga class – then you’re on your way. Sign up for our 6-week foundation course.


We want to inspire individuals to create new ways of bringing yoga to life. To reach new and inclusive audiences. We believe change comes from offering choice and variation!

It’s time to let go of the media stereotypes and love yourself! You don’t need branded yoga clothes or a fancy yoga mat. We welcome real people that embrace personal struggles both in our yoga practice and in everyday life. We realise that challenges make us stronger – and yoga is for us too!

Contemporary School of Yoga acknowledges a need for in depth yoga training supported by shamanic wisdom, which includes contemporary ways of thinking in the fields of anatomy and movement. The yoga world is growing faster than we ever imagined and yet we feel that the depth in the teachings is becoming lost in regular yoga asana classes.

Students and teachers of yoga are questioning and developing a hunger for more yoga wisdom, be that of anatomy, alignment, or Both students and teachers of yoga are questioning and developing a hunger for more yoga wisdom, be that of anatomy, alignment, or study of the sacred texts and philosophy. So we have developed an on-going educational system that helps provide this.

Whether you are new to yoga, thinking of becoming a teacher, or an existing teacher wishing to stay up to date with current scientific findings, Contemporary School of Yoga offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom. We want to share that with you so that you can be at the forefront of the changing face of yoga. We are always asking questions and unlearning what we have learned in order to grow, as we believe that this is the key to real transformation and positive change.

We are an inspiring community of practitioners and teachers that hold a great respect for each other, and are genuinely pleased for each other’s successes. We provide training that encourages you to ask questions to help you develop a deeper understanding regarding the future of yoga and its relevance to the world we live in now. We honour the radical difference we all express, and support those who are willing to be pioneers and take yoga to the next level. We are confident that our community is going out into the world to inspire positive change, embodying a healthier and more balanced view of the world and a deeper appreciation and gratitude to our bodies.