Contemporary School of Yoga (CSY) provides ongoing education and support to all those wishing to know more about spiritual philosophy and the human body and mind.

Our mission is to inspire a new generation of contemporary yogis, paying deep respect of the origins of yoga and shamanism, and supporting those who are willing to be pioneers and take yoga to the next level. We are confident that our community will gain the skills to go out into the world and inspire positive change.

We acknowledge a need for in depth Yoga training supported by shamanic wisdom, which includes contemporary ways of thinking in the fields of anatomy and movement. The Yoga world is growing faster than we ever imagined and yet we feel that the depth in the teachings are becoming lost in regular yoga asana classes.

Students and teachers of yoga are questioning and developing a hunger for more yoga wisdom, be that of anatomy, alignment, or study of the sacred texts and philosophy.

Our aim is to provide an on going educational system that helps provide this. Whether you are new to yoga, thinking of becoming a teacher, or an existing teacher wishing to stay up to date with current scientific findings that relate to yoga.

We hope to provide training that encourages students to question in order to develop a deeper understanding as to the future of yoga and its relevance to the world we live in now. Honoring the history but taking into consideration current findings and how it remains relevant to a healthier balanced view of the world and our bodies.

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