An event for all interested in problem solving using the body 

Join us for an introduction to constellation work with the support of yoga techniques. The process uses the body as the tool to ‘sense’ the different elements of a system. Through this bodily sensing of the system, individual elements and the relationships between them can be understood, so that a healthier re-alignment of a situation is possible.

Constellation work can be used for:

  • Breaking patterns of dysfunctional personal and family dynamics to improve relationships
  • Problem solving in organisational systems to drive creativity and innovation
  • Understanding root causes of societal patterns that are a detriment to humanity and the environment

This 1.5 day weekend workshop will:

  • Share the history of constellation work and how it works
  • Techniques to work with constellation work
  • 2 constellations working with issues from within the group
  • Yoga and body practises to support the work

Facilitator: Deborah Richmond is a constellation coach, shamanic practitioner and yoga teacher and works with a wide range of individuals, groups and companies. She has a particular passion for the environment and for working with organisations who wish to transform systems and business practices that drive sustainable growth.


  • 2 day workshop
  • Early bird: 3 Issue holder places: £125, Representatives £95 before 25th February, post early bird Issue holder £150 and Representatives £120.
  • early bird if paid in full by 16th February), £120 thereafter
  • To book your place please contact
  • Contact Deborah for further details if required on Tel: 07817 480915