With sustained access to THE CIRCLE and its unique shared learning and support, you are encouraged to explore the sharing of new ideas and additional modules with the rest of the CSY community as before. In addition to this you continue your path along THE LEMNISCATE.

Now that you’ve experience being a valued part of THE CIRCLE for at least one year, we will provide additional support to help you create your own online courses through the CSY virtual platform. After an initial small set up fee, the content and revenue are yours to keep and continue running via the CSY platform as part of your membership.

Support for this will be given from Richard, guiding you through the process of how to write and create your own unique online course for the general public to participate in.

Our vision for empowered CSY teachers is for you to have the amazing opportunity to share your story and wisdom, helping to transform others.

This could be used to supplement an in-person training course, serve as an additional form of income, or simply to help spread valuable knowledge.

This level also includes:

  • Continued membership to THE CIRCLE and all online content and modules
  • Access to all module of THE BRIDGE

During this final stage of your journey you will feel confident creating your own online courses to help share your talents and strengths and to inspire others.

You will also understand that learning and teaching is am ongoing dance between teacher and student, knowledge and not knowing, sitting back to listen and sometimes challenging yourself to step forward and create.

As part of your membership we will advertise your online course and encourage you to create a FREE taster session/class to contribute towards our FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP – which acts as a platform to direct interested students towards CSY courses. 

You are also encouraged to provide us with information and graphics to share and promote any other classes/ workshops and events via CSY Social media. CSY aims to create a non-competitive platform in which we can grow, share and support each member. Details of where to send this to will be provided when registering.

You will also be part of the CSY Facebook group to encourage online social community learning and sharing.