Seeing the Unseen

Have you ever felt that your yoga practice is preparing you for something more but haven’t yet found it? Have you ever known something profound but not sure how? On this course we introduce you to the primary tools for shamanic work: our intention, breath and body along with the drum. Cross referencing ancient shamanic practices with ancient yoga insights.

In order for us to drop deeper into the unseen realm we need to tune in to our felt sense and develop a greater connection to our true self.

As with any spiritual discipline the techniques on this course take focus, guidance and practice, all of which we provide you with as you embrace your magical mind.

For you – if you….

  • are curious about what shamanism is about
  • interested in ceremony and ritual, and its relevance to you
  • Desire a deeply spiritual experience that’s accessible
  • Wish to make sense of ancient wisdom
  • Feel that you are sensitive to things 
  • Want to deepen your intuitive nature but don’t know how
  • Are ready to delve deeper into advanced states of pratyahara and meditation
  • Need help making intuitive decisions for our current complex world
  • Simply desire deeper spiritual experiences in everyday life

Course includes:

  • 24 hours of tuition and downloadable PDF course material
  • Practical embodiment techniques – linking yoga and shamanism
  • Advanced Pratyahara techniques to facilitate clear vision
  • Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and the Shamans map
  • Preparing sacred space to facilitate transformation
  • Shamanic methods used to explore and gather useful information
  • How to work with Alters and Sacred Objects to bring positive change
  • Techniques for accessing guidance and intuition from shamanic traditions
  • How to feel confident continuing your practice after the course

6 Modules to be completed at your own pace.

This in-depth certified course will comprise of Six modules. Each module will require around 4 hours of study and practice, consisting of videos, webinars, articles to read, movement and meditative practices, and a fun quiz to test yourself. 

There is a short, written reflection to complete, which is a necessary part if using this course towards part of our 300hr Teacher Training.

Module 1: Ritual and Sacred Space

Module 2: Awareness, Reality and Meditation

Module 3: The Shamanic Journey

Module 4: Receiving Guidance and Intuitive Data

Module 5: The Shamans Map

Module 6: Storytelling Myth and Metaphor

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for all levels, from beginner to regular practitioner or yoga teacher. Particularly suited to those that wish to know more about the ancient shamanic techniques and ways to link this to yoga and the everyday.

If this excites you and you feel a calling – What are you waiting for?


The cost for this advanced online course is £295


Everyone is qualified for a Foundation Course. What matters is that you have the desire to know more about Shamanism and are curious to its link with yoga.

What makes this course unique is that it provides you with the tools and techniques to assist you with intuitive decision-making in the more complex world we live in today.

CSY SHAMANISM Foundation – Seeing the Unseen is the ideal way to start your journey to the unknown.

“My shamanic training was all about harnessing my intuition. I felt like its aim was to remind me how to be child like and trust the things I know, trust my intuition, trust myself.”

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