The Moving Body

Did anyone ever tell you that you are ‘one of a kind’? You are. We all are. How amazing is that? Are you ready to take this fascinating journey to re-connect and experience your unique body?

Anatomy can often feel very daunting but anatomy lives inside us – we are anatomy!

This online course is designed for you to both feel, explore and learn as you go. The body moves in a multitude of ways- as you will no doubt discover.

We believe that one of the best ways to learn anatomy is to feel how you move.

For you – if you….

  • Want to know more about anatomy but find the books a little daunting
  • Enjoy practicing yoga but want to know more about how your body moves
  • Question if your body can actually move in a particular way
  • Aren’t sure if some yoga postures are good for your particular body
  • Are always wondering if you’re doing a yoga pose right
  • Are curious about joints, bones, muscles
  • Get confused by internal, external, rotation, abduction and all that stuff!
  • Feel disconnected to some parts of your body
  • Want to re connect to your body and remember

Course includes:

  • 24 hours of tuition and downloadable PDF course manuals
  • Introduction to the key bones, muscles and joints
  • Webinars to explore the inner realm of the body
  • Experiential practices to feel how each body part moves 
  • In depth asana study for each area of the body
  • Current research into how the body moves
  • Exploration into the concept of alignment

6 Modules to be completed at your own pace.

This in-depth certified course will comprise of Six modules. Each module will require around 4 hours of study and practice, consisting of videos, webinars, articles to read, yoga practices and a fun quiz to test yourself. 

There is a short, written reflection to complete, which is a necessary part if using this course towards part of our 300hr Teacher Training.

If this excites you and you feel a calling – What are you waiting for?

Module 1 – Anatomy of the Feet

Module  2 – Anatomy of the Legs

Module  3 – Anatomy of the Hips/Pelvis

Module  4 – Anatomy of the Trunk/ Spine

Module  5  – Anatomy of the Arms/ Shoulders

Module  6 – Anatomy of the Head/ Neck

Is this course for me?

We’ve made it suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced practitioner. Particularly suited to those that wish to explore more about anatomy and how the body moves. This will benefit your own practice and create new neurological pathways to help you to reconnect to your body in a completely transformational way.


The cost for this advanced online course is £295


Everyone is qualified for this CSY Foundation Course. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t flexible, but It does require some level of general mobility and basic knowledge of yoga. It is also the perfect way for teachers to brush up on anatomy and obtain new inspiring ideas to warm up and mobilise joints before movement/yoga classes.

Sometimes you just need to tune in and realise that everything you want to know is right inside of you

CSY ANATOMY Foundation – The Moving Body is the ideal way to continue your journey to understand your body and deepen your relationship to yourself and others.

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