attendance and assessment


  • You are required to attend at all sessions of the Trainer plus course, but special circumstances may be considered.
  • Absence must be reported to the course tutor as soon as possible so alternative teaching methods can be arranged at an additional charge.
  • If you do miss sessions you will be given additional assignments, (either written or recorded), to be completed before the final assessment weekend. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for this.
  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required gain your Teaching certificate.


Throughout the course the Senior Teacher, colleagues from your course and additional teachers from Yoga Sweat will assess you honestly for the following;

  • Micro teaching of Savasana/ Relaxation
  • Pranayama practice Journal
  • Observation and write up of 3 yoga classes
  • 3 In depth Asana studies
  • Morning Rise and Shine Practice
  • Final Lesson plan
  • Final Teaching Practice

The emphasis of this course is to make you confident in communicating, observing, assessing and evaluating – these are all essential qualities needed to become an amazing teacher!

The assessments will be on going throughout the course, so as if the need for extra guidance or tuition arises then we can arrange this with your course tutor or other mentor. We want to assure you that we will do our best to help you become confident in teaching before your final assessment.

All assignments must be completed before the final graduation weekend in February 2021. Certificates will only be issued to those successfully completing all assessment criteria.

Additional assessments can be arranged with the course tutor within 2 months of the training end date at an additional minimum cost of £100 depending on what is required.


Throughout the course most of the homework will be additional reading in preparation for the following session. Module 3 will be dedicated to the student being self-motivated to offer small classes to friends/ colleagues, observing classes and completing Asana studies. In Module 4 you will be required to prepare a complete teaching plan to support your final teaching assessment.

We reserve the right to refuse or take the place off a student who has not paid their fees as agreed, and certificates will only be issued to those who have no further payments outstanding.


 Our Teacher Trainer plus has met the exceptional high standards set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Graduates from our course are trained to be confident in teaching multiple styles of yoga at a foundation level with safety and care for all students. Teachers graduating from our course are also able to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our certificate is recognized by all major establishments with the UK and worldwide.

* Subsidised join up fee is available to all graduates if they upgrade their YAP membership within 14 days of graduation.